Arch Point Internship



At Arch Point I spent the majority of my time working alongside a fulltime designer brainstorming and developing multiple lines for their dog toy releases at HEB. this included word listing, making moodboards, hand drawing the dog toys and rendering them on the computer with the fabrics made available from the vendor. I wasn't able to see my designs all the way to the finish but many of them were used after I finished my internship. Many of the following designs have been seen to fruitition on heb shelves since then.  


This was the first time I worked within a company and I got to spend a month learning as much as I could and took the first step in my future career.



Process work 

Starting out I was given lists and potential toy lines that they might release for the following year and I was asked to wordlist and sketch out as many toys for each line as I could. I finished up their christmas line that they were in the process of finishing- which meant I went through their vendors fabric catalogue and chose fabrics and the insides I saw fit. I also worked on lines including Fun in the Sun, Sweet treats, Beverages, Snacks and Space.



Refinement and Final Look

Many of my original concepts and sketches were taken past the drawings after I left. Many of them were seen in HEB and below are some of the toys from their lines I worked on including Fun in the Sun, Sweet treats, Beverages, Snacks and Christmas.



In Stores

Using Format