Kalamata EVOO



In this project we were given the task of re-designing the packaging for an item of our choosing. Originally I had chosen to re-design the packaging for Trader Joes house brand olive oil, but as the project evolved I cut Trader Joes out completely and made my own brand. 



Process work 






Final Look

The final look pairs a hand drawn pair of olives with a clean and simple type. The colors used are calm and classic and evoke a feeling that the product has been well made. 




This product would be sold in a bulk version in a container like this, the bag is both stylish and resealable 

Food Ventures

Flavored popcorns would be tied to this brand as an extension to the olive oil itself. Having flavor infused olive oils like basil, chili and garlic could add to this extension. 

Promoting the olive oils

Promoting the olive oils in stores would be a valuable way to increase the amount of people using the product. Having the food representatives wear aprons with the branding on it would make our look more recognizable to people when they go to look for the product on the shelf. 

The company letterhead 



Using Format